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  • MD-500 precision energy storage DC battery spot welder machine
  • Serial
  • Rated power
  • Machine weight
  • The max working pressure
  • Input voltage
    AC 220V±10% 50Hz±2Hz , AC 110V±10% 60Hz±1Hz
  • Welding mode
    Normal / continuous
  • Welding time
    0.1ms-9.9ms adjustable, accuracy 0.1ms
  • Welding voltage
    20V-330V adjustable, accuracy 0.5V
  • Welding control method
    Imported IGBT module control, double pulse welding
  • Storage capacitor
  • The Max Welding current
  • Working Table Size
    230*400 mm (Can Customize)

MD-500 precision energy storage DC battery spot welder machine


* High-speed, high-precision microprocessor (MCU) control , provides highly stable repeat welding.

* High-speed welding: quick start and high-speed polarity switching, thence reduce the temperature effect and make the welding surface clean and beautiful.

* Polarity switching: suppressing the asymmetry effect to make the welding strength of the two points uniform and prolong the service life of the electrode.

 *Welding response speed is fast, width of welding pulse is adjustable, welding spatter is small, and solder joints are not discolored

 *Blu-ray LCD screen display, graphical display of current working status, friendly working interface, welding pulse graphic display function to improve the convenience of debugging observation.

 *Imported IBGT module and full bridge control welding, welding quality and speed are super than ordinary energy storage spot welder

 *Double pulse reduces welding spatter and effectively improves welding quality.

*The data storage uses EEPROM, no battery life problem, and it returns to the last used welding procedure when every time machine is turned on.

*Using welding voltage locking technology to prevent grid voltage fluctuations from affecting welding current

 *With two-stage current monitoring and comparison function, the current is abnormal sound and light alarm, effectively preventing the occurrence of false welding phenomenon

Main Technical Parameter:

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