Shenzhen MINGDA Technology Co., Ltd, located in Longgang District, relying on high technology, specialized in resistance welding and other high-performance power supply and automation of welding equipment, such as research, production and sales. We developed the production of series inverter DC resistance welding machines,applying the most advanced inverter technology and microelectronics technology, which is a precise resistance welding equipment, has features of precise control, process flexibility and energy saving, efficient, stable, easy to operate and so on. Our company has a research and development team, with strong development and design capability, continue to develop new products to market.

We strictly in accordance with the modern enterprise management system of production, management, and pay high attention to the quality of products and services. All main components are used the world first-class products, such as Germany's Siemens, American TI company, the American microchip company, ATMEL company. High-quality components, advanced technology, modern management, to ensure the stable and reliable product performance. Our products are widely used in electronic connectors, electronic products, automotive, batteries, medical equipment, lighting and other industries.


Our factory products sell well at home and abroad, 110 US standard / 220V European standard British standard Australian standard. The main products are: Energy storage spot welding machine, pneumatic spot welding machine, LED filament spot welding machine, 18650 26650 spot welding machine, power battery spot welding machine, lithium battery spot welding machine, button battery spot welding machine, polymer spot welding Machine, aluminum to nickel spot welding machine, ultrasonic spot welding machine, portable spot welding machine, hardware spot welding machine, internal resistance tester, lithium battery integrated tester, mobile power loader, capacity-reserving cabinet, aging rack, aging cabinet , battery sorter, smart mobile power tester...

Our company was established in 2006, 13 years of market training and mature R&D technology as well as good after-sales service. It is our achievement to establish a solid foundation for the battery industry. Shenzhen MINGDA Technology Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes new and old customers to visit and negotiate business!