The welding cell type

Square steel shell phone batteries (mainly), power battery: mainly refers to the cylindrical battery (such as 18650266 50) cylindrical nickel metal hydride batteries.

Nickel-cadmium batteries, button batteries, also single needle can weld metal, article LED lights,

Such as additional single needle can weld metal, article LED lights, etc., and energy storage battery solar street lamps, etc

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The machine stability

Such as convenient operation, all in Chinese or English. Machine is stable, no trouble back at home.

Welding, solder joint is beautiful

Especially like the MD - 500 welding pure nickel (pure nickel is generally difficult to weld) has more advantages

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Shenzhen MINGDA Technology Co., Ltd, located inLonggang District, relying on high technology,specialized in resistance welding and other high-performance power supply and automation of welding equipment, such as research, production ,sales and service.

We developed the production of series inverter DC resistance welding machines, applying the most advanced inverter technology and microelectronics technology, which is a precise resistance welding equipment, has features of precise control, process flexibility and energy saving, efficient, stable, easy to operate and so on.

Our company has a research and development team, with strong development and design capability, continue to develop new products to market.

We strictly in accordance with the modern enterprise management system of production, management, and pay high attention to the quality of products and services. All main components are used the world first-class products, such as Germany's Siemens, American TI company, the American microchip company, ATMEL company. High-quality components, advanced technology, modern management, to ensure the stable and reliable product performance.Our products are widely used in electronic connectors, electronic products, automotive, batteries, medical equipment, lighting and other industries.